No people skills – No Job | Good people skills: are an asset in nearly every line of work!!

Recently I appeared for a job interview, I noticed people with superior people skills were preferred even if they have less technical skills than other candidates. Are you aware of the term “PEOPLE SKILLS”?? Having outstanding people skills can help you extremely in dealing with the work tasks you are accountable for. People skills are vital for business functions such as marketing, sales, and customer service. They outshine at getting the best out of people. It is also true, however, that we can improve our people skills with time and effort. Lacking people skills does not mean we cannot widen them. In this article, we brought to you the fundamental people skills that will boost your career and help you uphold in this competitive world.

  • Communicate fearlesslyExpressing yourself better will make you more up to standard at work. Whether you’re working in a team or individually, giving away helpful inputs and ideas either in words or in writing will surely help in building your career towards the fast track. Having the ability to speak effectively and facilitate communication are absolutely critical in whatever profession you are engaged in. The bottom line is that if you can communicate well you have a leg-up on the competition.
  • Leadership skills- If you can inspire a team and help those around you do their best work, you’ll be more successful. Being a great leader means being able to bring out the best in others. Every good leader knows how to effectively motivate people, bring out their best skills, and have them contribute as a team. This is a skill that is invaluable, especially for those who want to be promoted to higher positions.
  • Negotiation skills- Negotiation is a daily business practice which involves daily negotiation with clients, suppliers, shareholders, potential partners, employees and others. Those with good negotiating skills tend to rise to the top no matter the competition and the economic downfalls. 
  • Conflict Resolution- Having the ability to mediate disputes and resolve conflict among customers and colleagues is an important professional skill. Conflict resolution involves the ability to clarify a specific dispute, listen in a non-judgmental manner to both perspectives and offer suggestions for reaching an equitable compromise. If you have this skill inside you, you can become a real hero.
  • Body Language- Each organization and team has its code of conduct besides the expected workplace behavior. Pay close attention and follow both general and local etiquette. Master non-verbal communication: have clear eye contact and a confident posture. Only if your body language and behavior are in line with expectations, will your words have an impact.
  • Listening skillsWe live in a world where we tend to talk more than we should, rather than listening to others. If we listen to others, we make them feel valued, and when they feel valued, they are going to be more dedicated to the team and mission. Active listening can be learned with practice, and includes making eye contact, asking meaningful questions, providing feedback, and avoiding being distracted or multi-tasking.

The bottom line: There are several personal benefits that can be obtained by a person with strong people skills.  These skills are highly valued in the workplace and a person who possesses them is seen to add great value.  Additional career opportunities can open up as a result.

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Last modified: June 16, 2014