Importance of Scooters in Today’s World

India is a huge country that has a wide variety of people with diverse natures and thinking capabilities. It has a wide network of roads and transport systems that join such a large group of people. But, we all are mad about getting the best automobiles for our family, as the children in the family see their friends’ parents bringing the biggest of cars, and demand the same from their own parents. They do not know about the financial condition of their parents.

The roads in India develop at a slower rate as compared to the population of India. So, heavy vehicles and cars are difficult to be driven on such crowded and jam-packed roads. In such a scenario scooters are the best option to be driven. They have a great mileage and can be taken on small, narrow and dingy roads. They also have a stepney, which is something not available in case of bikes.

When we think of buying a small vehicle, the first option that comes to our mind is usually bike, as it has a great look and is widely used by the youth of today. But, the worst part of having a bike is that, it can stop anywhere in between, and some of the bikes are very heavy, which makes it difficult for the rider to carry them. This problem can be solved if we have a scooter, as it has a stepney, which reduces its chances of stopping in between and it is much easier to carry.

The youth of today as it is does not know how to ride or drive, they are always in a hurry to reach their destination. In such a situation, it is better for them to take a scooter. A scooter does not go over a limited speed, which avoids the chances of road accidents. Scooters are available in cheaper costs as compared to bikes and other two-wheelers. Though, Scooties are also being used these days by the teenagers of today, but they are just a modified and stylish version of the basic scooter. So, old is gold, scooters are in fashion.

The major Scooter Manufacturing Companies in India are:-

  1. Honda Motorcycle
  2. Hero Motocorp
  3. TVS Motor Company
  4. Lohia Machinery Limited
  5. Mahindra & Mahindra Limited
  6. Yamaha India

These companies are aiming at improving the look of their scooters by making them much more stylish. So, the current importance of scooters can widely be understood by making a note of the factors explained above. I was planning to buy a scooty for myself, but after doing this research, I’ve changed my plan. I’ll go for a scooter now. Some of the latest ones look better than bikes and are very light weight.

Choose the one that suits you the best. All those who already own a bike, can sell their bikes on OLX, and buy a scooter with the money that you get. It will be affordable within that amount. So, have a Safe Ride! Enjoy!

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Last modified: June 28, 2014