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Jaipur is famous for its non vegetarian food specially Laal maas. It is actually a lamb dish in which the color red comes from red peppers which makes the dish spicy not because of tomatoes.  There are many restaurants i Jaipur who offers laal maas but there are few who serves authentic laal maas dish.

If you are visiting Jaipur and you like non veg food so do try these restaurants in the given below list who specializes on Laal Mass.

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It is in Panch Batti, MI Road. It started in 1949 as it is famous for its  laal maas, brain masala and chilly chicken.

 Altitude Restaurant

It is in Ramada offers one of the best laal maas dish. It has a wonderful ambiance as the siting is open air on the roof top next to swimming pool.

MM Khan

It is in Johari Bazar  and is recommended by many food critics as one best non veg food in jaipur.

Spice Court

It is in Civil lines as it is famous for Laal maas along with other delicacies such as keema baati and you can try there all kings of gravy dishes.


It is MI road near niros as the restaurant is quite famous for its laal maas.

Talk Of The Town

It is at MI road in Jaipur. It’s a quite good place if you are craving for Meat.

Chawla’s Restaurant

located at Shree Gopal Towers, Krishna Marg in Jaipur. And it is also a fair choice for Laal Maas in Jaipur.

Baluchi-The LaLiT Jaipur

Baluchi located at Jagatpura Road, Jaipur in LaLiT Hotel. This is also good option if you want enjoy Laal Maas in Luxuries Way.

Okra-Jaipur Marriott Hotel

Okra-Jaipur Marriott Hotel is also a big name in Jaipur’s Top Luxury Hotels. This is Late Night Restaurant for Meat Lovers.

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