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When you are talking about lucknawi food, the first thing that will come into your mind will be non-veg food to be particular exotic non vegetarian dishes like kebabs, biryani, nihari chicken and all kinds of Awadh cuisines.  So here our food critics have short-listed the best places in lucknow where you should must eat when you are in the city of nawabs.

1 Tundey kabebi

If your are in lucknow, you cannot miss tundey kebebs as they serve the best kebebs in town. Tundey have two outlest in lucknoe one in Aminabad and other at chowk. The kebabs are best enjoyed with ulte tawa ka parantha and sheermal. You can get all kings of non- vegetarian disher over there but the best of the lot is kebabs. Kebabs are available of mutton,chicken and in beef.

2 Wahid Biryani

Wahid Biryani is serving biryani since 1955 and as four outlets in lucknow but the most recommended one is at Aminabad area. They start at 11 Am and closes down at 12 pm. The place is famous for its biryani one is chicken and other mutton biryani. The also prepare many other chicken and mutton delicacies such as chicken fry and mutton chap. Phone No 8896612786

3 Prakash Kulfi

When people think lucknow food is all about awadi cuisines such as kebabs and biryani they are rightly mistaken as they have not tried Aminabad special prakash fulfi as it serves among the best kulfi faluda not only in town but in all around India. Kulfi is full of nuts and hint of saffron in it. The place is just 50 meters away from famous tundey kebabs and wahid biryani.

4 Lalla Biyani

The place is located at Chaupatiya Chauraha, chowk. Wen you are talking about biryani Awadi biryani is rated at the best among then and Lalla is known to prepare the best Awad biryani’s. The place gives away the feel of 70s era where the whole cluttered shops in the lanes are preparing some kind of dish. They prepare biryani with meat which is soft and tender and goes very well along with raita.

5 Idris Hotel

The pace is near Patanala police station, chowk. The place starts serving as early as 8 am and closes down at 10 pm. Idris hotel is famous for its Biryani as it is prepared on traditional earthen oven which is dug under ground and lighten with charcoal and wood. The pace may be shabby looking or unhygienic but when you will get first smell of biryani you will definitely forget everything.

6 Rahim Hotel

The place is located at Majid Tehseen, Opposite Tunday Kebabi, Chowk. The place is famous for many delicacies but the dish with most rave upon is Nihari. The place is serves the best nihari dish which very well with kulche

Pandit Raja Thandai

The place is at Chowk. It is known to prepare two types of thandai one with bhaang and other without it. Raja serves only thandai at this place is very good drink in the screaming heat of lucknow.

8 Dixit Chat Bhandar

It is located at chowk central lucknow. Te place serves the best chaats such as bhalla papdi, golgappe and tikks.

9 Zeeshan Biyani Corner

The place is located at Tulsi Lane, Kesarbagh. The place is famous for its galawati kebabs and biryani along with mutton and chicken dishes.

10 Dastarkhwan 

The place is located at U. P. Press Club, China Bazaar Gate, Hazratganj. The chicken masala is delicate, full of spices but doesn’t overpower the tongue. Chicken Qorma has a soft buttery feel to it, the galawati kebabs are good.

11 Shekhawat Restaurant

It is at Base Kitchen, Near Oudh Gymkhana Club, Kaiserbagh. The place is an upcoming restaurant in lucknow as it as goo amniance along with they serve excellent biryani dishes.

12  Naushijaan

The place is at Riverside Mall, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar. The place has got great ambiance along with steller menu which includes  all kinds of Kebabs, Biryani & Gravies.

13 Royal Cafe

It is located at Royal Inn, Opposite Sahara Ganj Mall,Shahnajaf Road, Hazratganj. Royal cafe menu includes chinnese, north indian, fast food and muglai cuisines.

14 Sharma Tea 

The small place is located at Hazaratunj. As by the name you can get it is an tea shop but it selles excellent fresh samosas ans bun butter.

These are must have places in lucknow and if we are missing some of your favorite places so do share with us.

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