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Whenever you visit a city for the very first time, there are a few basic things you search for like accommodation, places to see and the best part of all, the best restaurants in the City.

Same goes with Mumbai- The City of Dreams, A City that never Sleeps. You ask your best virtual friend, i.e. Google and even at times, you ask the people. But in every city, there are eateries that are Over Rated and Hyped for no reason. People are just following a mere sheep walk of visiting these places. Here, we will give you a list of few overly hyped places in Mumbai city.

Here is our list of some over hyped restaurants in Mumbai. The list is not been created to offend someone.


There is no prize for guessing who owns this restaurant. The world knows that Tendulkar’s, situated in Colaba is owned by the Legendary Sachin Tendulkar. But no matter who owns it, the place is a huge disappointment. The only reason why this North Indian fine dining restaurant is visited is that it is Master Blaster’s. Our advice is very simple. Visit this place at your own risk.

Leopold Cafe

No doubt Leopold Cafe is one of the oldest place in Mumbai City. Established in the year 1871, this multi-cuisine cafe has been serving people for literally 15 decades. Sadly, this tragedy struck cafe was one of the first attacked site during the November 2008 Mumbai attacks. But this does not change the fact that Leopold Cafe has lost its old charm and is now-a-days, the most inconsistent places in Mumbai now. The food taste will vary day-to-day and can be really awful to switch you mood off.

Indigo Delicatessen

This fine dining restaurant located in Colaba, Mumbai is a well known place and is mostly recommended for high priced & special or sophisticated dinners. But it has generally generated a lot of mixed reviews from the customers. It sure has a flawless ambiance with a well mannered staff but even at a place like this, there are good days and bad days. At a good day, the food is relishing and can turn into a pure disaster when it is a bad day. A drop in the standards and inconsistency are the two very famous complaints from this place.

Kobe Sizzler

Kobe Sizzlers is the very first place that is recommended to you when you will crave for sizzlers. Kobe’s quality in terms of food and service has degraded with time & it has lost its old charm in every possible way. People call it Ideal for a date because this place is more empty than full on most of the days. It is not like there are no good days. Indeed there are, but outnumbered by the bad ones.

Masala Library

A highly overrated place in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai is Masala Library. In spite of being a highly expensive place, this place can disappoint you very badly at times. When you are paying around 5000 bucks for a meal, the least you are supposed to expect is relishing food and good quality service. But this place can be a total bummer sometimes. The food and service both can be below average at times. So it is totally up to you to go and check out this place.

Olive Bar and Kitchen

Another top-notch place which can cause your sky high expectations to crash is Olive Bar and Kitchen. It is still one of the most high profile places in Mumbai city and is one place always recommended by people for high profile dinners. But Olive’s can be a disappointment in terms of food. When you pay a hefty amount for food, then it is very obvious that expectations are truly high enough. But they can really set your mood to Off Mode. Even the staff can be weird at times. Same can go with liquor as well as the cocktail may not strike the chord it is supposed to.

Cheval Bar and Restro

Another place that may or may not live up to your expectations is Cheval Bar and Restro. Again, the main concern with this place is food quality. The starters can be a matter of concern as they are really disappointing at times. Some dishes in Main Course also are sheer disappointment as they are not really edible at times due to some horrible cooking mistakes which are least expected at such high profile places. Also, the alcohol brands available are very ordinary. Whether to visit this place or not, it is totally your call.

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