Most Under Rated Restaurants in Mumbai

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When you visit a new city, you search for the best places in the city and due to a particular hype, you choose some fancy outlets. The ones left are the places which are really good but underrated due to some silly reasons. We are here to guide you to some such places which are highly underrated but really deserve your precious visit and attention. Here is the list.

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Original Chung Fa

This Chinese and Seafood eatery in Tardeo is surely one of the most underrated place in Mumbai city. Due to some copy cats, they changed their name to Original Chung Fa. It is a big restaurant with a nice seating space as well. And last but not the least is the best part of Chung Fa which is surely its food. It is a place worth spending some money if you are interested in having some mouth watering Chinese food.  Our recommendation to you- Go out with your gang of friends. Bill for two foodies here will be around Rs 500.

 New Martin Hotel

New Martin Hotel in Colaba is another outlet that is unnoticed in spite of being an amazing one. This is a small, typical Goan cuisine joint with an ambience of a vintage place. The food from the authentic Goan cuisine is simply mouth-watering and every delicacy in the menu is worth waiting for. Be it a vegetarian dish or non vegetarian, this place is totally worth visiting if you take our advice. An outing here will cost you approximately 450-500 bucks.

 Made In Punjab

A nice and classy restaurant on the second floor of Inorbit Mall of Malad West is an outstanding place to get some authentic Punjabi style food. It’s buffet and Kebab spreads are simply amazing and this is a place that you must visit, especially if you are a hardcore Punjabi. The main course and desserts here are impeccable and Made in Punjab is a casual diner that will never disappoint you. Food for two here will cost you around Rs 1500.


A place in Chowpatty where you can get a wonderful meal, very much same to home-cooked one is Crystal. USP of this fully vegetarian outlet it’s simple and delicious food which is served quickly to all the starving foodies. This place is old but as they say “Old is Gold’, the saying goes well with Crystal. In spite of any special ambience, this place has lip-smacking food and outstanding service that never disappoints. And above all, it is economical as well. A good meal here for two will cost you only Rs 250.

Persin Darbar

Persian Darbar is another unique restaurant that comes in the Top Underrated list in spite of having many outlets across the city. A reason for this can be the lesser popularity of Persian cuisine. But keeping all that aside, this place an absolute gem and one recommendation for which you will love us for sure. Everything here from ambience to food is simply perfect and this is one place that you must visit if you have a craving for Mughlai cuisine. Food for two here will cost you around 900 bucks.


A nice casual dining restaurant in Juhu where you can get the taste of multiple cuisines such as North Indian, Asian, Chinese and Continental is Trifecta. This place is comparitively new and must be on your visiting list. Ambience at Trifecta is really good and the decor is impressive too and last but not the least is the food you get at Trifecta. Every food item on the menu is worth a try and the money you pay is totally worth it. A meal here will cost you nearly 1000 bucks. 

Britannia Company and Restaurant

Well known for its Parsi delicacies, Britannia Company and Restaurant is undisputedly the best restaurant that serves Parsi delicacies and needs more fame. It is an iconic restaurant that is capable of serving you totally mouth watering delicacies and is run by last 4 generations of the family who owns it. It is styled in Irani and Parsi styles due to which it has a unique charm.

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