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The National Capital- New Delhi is one of the most visited and indeed the most versatile city of our country. It is well known for its street food as well as some amazing food outlets that are known to the world. But, are all the overhyped places still living up to their reputation? We doubt that. Some restaurants here are a legacy and are flagship places when it comes to food. But some of them are losing their charm significantly. Let us tell you some of these places.

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One of the oldest places in New Delhi, Karim’s was established in the year 1913 near Jama Masjid, Old Delhi. It has been serving people now for over a decade and gave people the time of their lives when they visited it in the old times. But apparently, Karim;s is losing their charm significantly. A place which produced tons of happy customers is now making their customers unhappy. It is one of the most hyped places to eat in Delhi if you have a craving for Non Vegetarian food. The food quality is perishing quickly and the owners really need to take care of that.

Khan Chacha

Another overly hyped place in Delhi is Khan Chacha. It is said to be a pioneer in serving Chicken and Mutton rolls and Shawarmas which is seriously turning into a disappointment now-a days. It has 5 outlets but the best of all is the one in Khan Market. Rest of the outlets are dull and are just running on the name only. Especially the outlet in Connaught Place, it is so dull and empty most of the times. Chacha ji is losing his customers and need to take some quick steps as soon as possible.

 Paranthe Wali Gali

Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk area is one of the oldest food markets in Delhi. It is a bylane famous for its stuffed breads, well known as Paranthas. But in recent times, Paranthas in Paranthe Wali Gali are losing their old charm. It is one of the most visited and in fact, the most hyped place to have some nice stuffed breads in Delhi but due to a lot of shops & low quality stuff in terms of taste and hygiene, they are losing their customers significantly.

Punjabi by Nature

Punjabi by Nature in Connaught Place claims to be a high profile punjabi outlet where you can delightfully have some gracious meals. But this much hyped place can be a big disappointment at times. In spite of the nice interiors and quick service, the food is not up to the mark and does not live up to the hype. The place is an expensive one and food for two here will cost you about 1500 bucks. If you are following the much created hype about this place, we will not recommend a visit here.

 Burger King

The world famous American leader in the market of Burger outlets, Burger King took enough time to launch itself in India. With the introduction of 3 outlets in Delhi, BK created the much needed hype to attract tons of customers. But sadly, BK did not live up to that hype. They had a large crowd but failed to satisfy them with their huge sized burgers. Much famous in hype, reviews by visitors are very average for BK.

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Last modified: August 21, 2015