Top 10 Restaurants in Delhi that you should visit at least once

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No more speeches. We know you are so eager to know the Top 10 eateries in our city. Well, here you go.

10. Sarvana Bhawan
Located in Janpath, Sarvana Bhawan is one of the best South Indian restaurants that you will ever find in New Delhi. This is one place full with people all the time, a place where you would have to struggle to find a place, even on a working day. The softest Idlis, the crunchy Masala Dosas, the brilliant chutneys; You will find it all here at Sarvana Bhawan. The food is marvelous and it will taste more delicious when we will tell you that this place is really economical. A meal for two at Sarvana Bhawan will cost you nearly 400 bucks. Moreover, if you are not much into Idli-Dosa stuff, then you can try some Lemonade or Shakes or the special ice cream made by them only.

9. Rampur Kitchen
If you are fond of having non vegetarian food, that too Mughlai style, then our vote goes to Rampur Kitchen. This amazing eatery in New Friends Colony where you will get your meals in Copper plates. Their specialty is Haleen which is well served with butter naan. Their rice pudding or Kheer is a dessert with a touch of divinity. They have a huge fan following and especially on Weekends, so be prepared because you might have to wait before the enlightenment of your taste buds.

8. Naivedyam
Another pioneer of exquisite South Indian cuisine, a restaurant that will serve you “Shudh Shakahari Bhojan” or pure vegetarian food is Naivedyam. They have a special tradition due to which they welcome their customers with their spicy Rasam. Their menu is purely based on South Indian cuisine and the food quality is superb in every possible aspect. The ambience is very simple and decent, a typical one that you will find in any other traditional South Indian restro. For a meal of two, you will pay around 1000 bucks.

7. Park Balluchi
Park Balluchi is an Indian style barbeque restaurant located in Hauz Khas Village. This restro is built beautifully with sheer elegance due to which it has a landscaped park like ambiance. Undoubtedly, food is the best part above all. They have some really exotic dishes like Grilled Chicken marinated in Saffron, Grilled farmer’s Cheese stuffed with dates, black currant and mushrooms & some dishes cooked in a clay oven. For two people, you will have to spare around 1500-2000 bucks and we can bet you a good time for sure.

6. Spice Route
With food from all exotic parts of Southern Asia, Spice Route justifies its name to the fullest. They have an amazing menu in which there are many dishes that draw influences from various countries such as South India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam. It has a special themed dining area which is accordingly divided to the nine aspects of life. Spice Route is a double treat because it will feed you with great food in an outstanding ambiance. Some dishes that you should not miss are stir-fried lobster cooked in Thai style and traditional Sri-Lankan curry. Just a little piece of advice- Don’t forget to get a reservation.

5. Dum Pukht
A restaurant that introduces you to the Nawabi cuisine of Lucknow is Dum Pukht. Dum Pukht is way of cooking in which the ingredients in a pot are sealed with dough and cooked on a low flame by the means of steam. Dum Pukht is one of the top-notch restaurants in India to get recognition from renowned foreign Chef Gordon Ramsey. It is also rated in Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants by a few food magazines. No awards on guessing that their best bets are their Kebabs cooked in an open barbeque and Dum Biryanis. The brilliantly designed blue & silver diner with beautiful crystal chandeliers just make this place perfect.

4. Varq
A place like Varq can be expected from someone who never fails to impress people, i.e. The Taj franchise. Varq by the Taj Hotel is a place that perfectly blends traditional Indian street food with a modern contemporary approach and serves it in a high class diner. The menu is filled with new, innovative choices of food that will leave you mesmerized every time. Effort, Creativity and Innovation can be clearly seen in their food. Needless to say, the ambiance is simply outstanding and compliments the delicious food. Varq is an expensive deal as food for two here will cost you around 4500 bucks which will be totally worth it.

3. Dakshin
Located in The Sheraton, Dakshin is an exquisite outlet that unifies the cuisines from South Indian states, namely Tamil Nadu, Kerela, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Dakshin clearly breaks the misconception about typical South Indian cuisine which is usually considered Vegetarian. They have a menu filled with wonderful choices such as pan-fried Sole and Deep-fried Prawn, a true delight for seafood lovers. Dakshin is well known for the use of authentic Indian spices in their food due to which the food is simply relishing. A meal at Dakshin will cost you around 4000 bucks.

2. Moti Mahal
The inventor of Butter Chicken, Moti Mahal has been serving people for a long period of time now. They claim that “The People’s Favorite Butter Chicken” was cooked for the first time in their kitchen only. Moti Mahal is a true heaven for non vegetarian lovers. They have mouth watering dishes such as Chicken Makhni, Chicken Tikka Tandoori and Chicken Curry for which we have only one word- Excellent. They have an indoor as well as an out-yard seating as well. The food is always served with vinegar-dipped onion, pickles and Jeera Rice which makes this place the best to have a meal.

1. Bukhara
Serving people for over 20 years now, Bukhara is one legendary restaurant that you must visit if you are in Delhi. No matter what, no matter how, Bukhara has never disappointed its customers in its 20 years reign. The menu is highly influenced by Northwestern cuisine and the food is specially prepared in Tandoor. It really doesn’t matter what you are ordering from the menu because each and every dish is impeccably delicious. Chicken Kebabs for non vegetarians and Tandoori Dal for vegetarians are the two must try items. One final note- Please get a reservation before visiting Bukhara as it is necessary.

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Last modified: August 21, 2015