Most Underrated Restaurants in Pune that deserve your attention

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No more introductions this time. We know that you want to know the most underrated places in your city. Trust us, these restaurants are like lost gems re found. Lets go with the list.

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1. Cafe Diamond Queen:

With the looks of a typical Irani Cafe, Cafe Diamond Queen in Camp Area, Pune is a cafe well known for a few of their special dishes such as Paya Masala and Mutton Biryani. An economical place, this cafe has been serving people in Pune from past 10 years but never got the recognition it deserved. During your visit, if you are not having their Brun Maska, they we bet your meal is not complete. A meal for two here wil cost you only 300 bucks.

2. Dravida’s Bistro:

Dravida’s Bistro in Pune is a casual dining restaurant which serves healthy South Indian food. Fully vegetarian food is served here and that too on a banana leaf which makes this place even more attached to the South Indian roots and more authentic. They serve amazing South Indian thalis and those thalis are well equipped with some amazing stuff from delightful food that you will relish like anything. A pocketing friendly place which never disappoints, a meal here for two will cost you less than Rs 500.

3. Dum-A-Dum:

Their menu is small. They are small on space too. But the big thing about this small outlet is their food. Dum-A-Dum in Aundh is well known for its Chicken Matka Dumadum Biryani which smells heavenly and is infused with saffron. Some other signature dishes are Zafrani Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh and Dal Bukhara. There is no better place in Pune if you are a biryani lover as this place feeds 2 at a cost of only 500 bucks.

4. Idlicious:

A pocketing friendly outlet in any city is a delight fo every foodie and so is Idlicious. Idlicious is an amazing quick bite outlet that will surely satisfy you with its outstanding service and amazing food. It is a fully vegetarian restro with a clean and decent ambiance. The food is certainly the best part and is available at economical rates too. It is well acknowledged for their classic South Indian fare, their fluffy idlis and their relishing Rasam Rice. Idlicious is a typical South Indian restaurant with the vibe of decency, calm and serenity. A good South Indian meal here will cost you around 400 bucks. Totally worth visiting.

5. Tutto Bene:

A gourmet food seller in Pune, Tutto Bene is a chain of delicatessen where you can have some quality stuff to eat. They usually use fresh ingredients such as fresh green veggies and smooth cheese due to which they are able to make the most delicious sandwiches. Try their Turkey Trot, Hey Pesto sandwiches and Veg Med salad to get an idea of what’s at stake. At Tutto Bene, you and your friend can feed on some really amazing stuff in just 500 bucks.

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