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Tucking amazingly yummy and delicious food is my passion. My love for mouthwatering food constantly persuades me to explore food outlets and restaurant that could be completely dedicated to serve delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian Kebabs and satisfy my foodie needs. While chatting, one of my friends suggested for Nirula’s’s and also told me that Kebab-e-licious is going on there. Before his suggestion, I was not much aware about Nirul’s. Since, there are a lot of food chains and all promise for quality and tasty food but unfortunately all come-up with unsatisfactory end result. Hence, skeptic regarding quality and taste was obvious for me. 

Nirula’s is India’s oldest fast food restaurant chain, based in North India and most popular in NCR Delhi. It started Delhi’s first fast food restaurant in Connaught Place in 1977, today it has over 70 outlets in NCR Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh states, which includes family-style restaurants “Nirula’s” specializing in “Desi version” of Western fast food as well as offering Indian cuisine, casual dining “Potpourri restaurants”, Pastry Shops and Ice cream parlours, and two hotels in Noida and Panipat. Recently Nirula’s opened its first franchise in Patna making it the first ever unit in the entire east zone.

Type of restaurants :

  • Family style restaurant: quick service with take-away, home delivery and order-on-line service
  • Nirula’s Express: take aways
  • Fuels Station Outlets.
  • Potpourri: Fully waiter served, multi-cuisine speciality restaurant
  • Nirula’s 21 (Ice cream parlours)
  • Pegasus bar

They have extensive thalis priced very low but the oil they use is very heavy. They have rice, papad, achaar, subji, dal and one dessert in their big thali. I don’t prefer it unless I have to it and I have no option, I mean I would not order it voluntarily. The hot chocolate fudge sundae and the butter scotch sundae that you can customise is my absolute favourite and that can’t be matched by a lot of places in Delhi and that is why I keep going back to the restaurant for my sundae craving. I recommend you to try the sundae once.

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Last modified: July 9, 2014