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Nizam’s Kathi Kabab serves North Indian cuisine. The speciality of the house being Kathi Kababs, Biryani and Roasted Kababs. Kathi Kabab owes, its origin to the North Eastern province of India. It started as a cuisine of the princely states of the province and found it’s way to the common man’s stomach as a quick wholesome bite. 

Nizam’s Kathi Kabab has been an age old hang out for people living not only in a particular area but for people visiting from other parts of Delhi. The unique selling point is the egg and meat laden kathi rolls that have a special masala mixture which is an old family recipe that Nizam’s Kathi Kabab owners have been cashing for decades. 

What I particularly love about Nizam’s Kathi Kabab that is it timeless. It hasn’t changed at all and the taste is the same too. You may visit it morning, noon or night, the taste and freeness will never and has never changed (to my knowledge).


The Restaurant is centrally air conditioned & is decorated keeping into account the aesthetics and functional utility. The facade of the restaurant is a harmonious mixture of locally quarried and available sand stone tiles, and matching gritwash in rectangular profiles placed in collaboration with black granite and a splash of semi glazed tiles, duly complimented by rose wood polished teakwood door frames and large glass picture windows along with a water fall to complete the eye soothing effect.Due care has been taken to ensure thet only envoirnment friendly builders material is used.

What you should try on the menu: 
Double Chicken Double Egg Roll – laden with all the chicken and egg goodness you can think of.
Mutton Keema Egg Roll – keema lovers delight
Paneer Tikka Roll – if you are a vegetarian this is the roll you must go for.

Other delicacies to crave for:

Mutton Seekh Kabab Egg Roll, Double Mutton Double Egg Roll, Kali Mirch Chicken Tikka Egg Roll, Chicken Biryani.

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Last modified: July 9, 2014