Fast Food Restaurants

Fast Food MacDonald,Subway,Pizza Hut,Domino’s between Rs.100 to Rs.200

Price Menu between Rs.100 to Rs.200

McDonald’s                                                                                                        Subway

McSpicy chicken Meal                    Rs.180                      Local Subs                                           Rs.125

Big Spicy Chicken Wrap                  Rs.145                    Traditional Subs                               Rs.150

McVeggie meal                                 Rs.133                      Favourites Subs                             Rs.125

McChicken Meal                              Rs.143                      Roasted Chicken Tuna                    Rs.165

McSpicy Paneer                               Rs.187                      Turkey                                               Rs.190

BigSpicy Paneer Wrap                    Rs.135

Chicken maharaja Mac                  Rs.177

Filet o-fish                                           Rs.167

Chicken Mcnuggets 9Pcs              Rs.125

Econo Meal Mc Egg                         Rs.103

Econo Meal Chicken McGrill        Rs.107

Happy Meal McChicken                 Rs.123

Masala Grill Chicken meal             Rs.123

Veg Supreme Mcmuffin                 Rs.115

Sausage McMuffin with Egg         Rs.125

Dunkin-Donuts                                                                                                                 KFC

Veg Sandwiches                                Rs.110                   Veg Zing Kong box                           Rs.199

Non veg Sandwiches                      Rs.125                   Veg Zinger Meal                               Rs.145

Egg Chicken Ham Bagel                  Rs.125                   Chicken Zinger Meal                       Rs.175

Chicken Twister meal                     Rs.189

Chicken Meal                                     Rs.175

Bucket 2 pc                                         Rs.125


Domino’s                                                                                                            Pizza Hut

Margherita Medium                       Rs.180                   Margherita                           Rs.170

Margherita pepper                         Rs.175                   Signature veg                        Rs.170

Veg Treat regular                             Rs.130                   Non veg Zesty chicken      Rs.120

Simple non veg                                 Rs.130                   Non veg fiery chicken        Rs.170

Non Veg Treat                                   Rs.175                   Chicken Wings                       Rs.139

Non Veg meal                       Rs.129

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Last modified: June 10, 2013