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Fast Food MacDonald, Subway, KFC, Domino’s options under Rs. 100

Price Menu under RS.100

Last updated on: 18-05-2023

Here is the list of Fast food joint’s offering all kinds of your favorite food like burgers, pizza and footlongs at the price less than Rs. 100.

McDonald’s:-                                                                                                              Subway:-

Mc Veggie                                                          Rs.65                         Vegetarian footlong                      Rs.75

Mc Chicken                                                        Rs.79                        Footlong                                        Rs.95

Mcmuffin Veg Meal                                            Rs.95                       Egg & Cheese                                Rs.85

Egg & Cheese Mcmuffin                                    Rs.93                       Bacon & Egg                                 Rs.95

Filet-o-Fish                                                           Rs.95                       Chicken Ham & Egg                    Rs.95

Econo Meal (McAloo Tikki + Small Fries + Coke) Rs.97

Chicken Mcnuggets 6 Pcs                               Rs.95

Happy Meal (Burger + Coke + Toy)              Rs.93

Soft Serve (Strawberry / Chocolate)              Rs.55

Chocolate Brownie                                          Rs.65

McShakes (small)                                             Rs.60

Dunkin-Donuts:-                                                                                                      KFC:-

Croissant Garden Veg Sandwich                       Rs.90                       Potato Crisper                                   Rs.25

Focaccia Bunwich                                               Rs.90                       Chicken Shotz                                    Rs.25

Caribbean Chicken Delight Sandwich              Rs.100                     Chicken Snacker                               Rs.35

Paprika Salami                                                    Rs.100                     3 Pc Veg Strips                                   Rs.35

Shredded Chicken Croissant Sandwich           Rs.100                      Combo (Potato Crisper + Pepsi)      Rs.49

Chicken Jalapeno Sandwich                              Rs.100                      Combo (Popcorn Chicken+ Pepsi)  Rs.69

Bagel & Cream Cheese                                      Rs.60                         Veg Rizo                                             Rs.95

Classic Bagel & Egg                                           Rs.90                         Chicken Rizo                                     Rs.99

Hot Wings                                                           Rs.99

Veg Strips                                                            Rs.65


Domino’s:-                                                                                                                          Pizza Hut:-

Mergherita Veg Regular                 Rs.75                                            Margherita Cheese                          Rs.75

Garlic Bread Sticks                          Rs.70                                            Veg Meal                                          Rs.99

Stuffed Garlic Bread                        Rs.89

Taco Indiana Chicken                     Rs.99

Veg Singles (Onion,

Golden Corn, Soya, Capsicum)          Rs.44

Veg Doubles (Onion & Capsicum,

Soya & Corn, Jalapeno & Pineapple,

Panner & Onion)                                   Rs.59

Non Veg Singles (BBQ Chicken,

Spicy, Chicken, Zesty Chicken Sausage,

Chunky Chicken)                                       Rs.69

Non Veg Double (Jalapeno & BBQ

Chicken, Onion & Spicy Chicken,

Onion & Zesty Chicken Sausage)               Rs. 79



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