Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Mumbai

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So exactly what is required for a date to be perfect? Is it the food or is it the place where you are taking your special one? Actually, it is the combination of all these elements altogether. And in a city like Mumbai which is already so great, only a walk on Marine Drive or Bandstand will not seal the deal for you. So lets focus and find you some amazing places suitable for a perfect first date.

Smoke House Deli

Beautiful. Lively. Simply outstanding. These are the words to describe an absolute joyride like Smoke House Deli. The place is full of creativity and innovation in terms of designing of Interiors. The amazing decor of this place makes it an obvious choice and a perfect location for a romantic outing. Talking about the food, the menu is full of healthy choices such as Grape & Brie Salad, Scrambled eggs with beef burger & not to forget the house specialty Kiwi and Mandarin Mojitos, something girls always love. Located in Lower Parel, Smoke House Deli is well known for making its customers feel comfortable and their hospitality which is a big plus.

Salt Water Cafe

Located in Bandra, Salt Water Cafe is a constant in the list of best places for a date in Mumbai. It is a famous spot for people, especially the youth of the city. The amazing view from the cafe and the interior with a picture perfect ambience makes this place an all-time favorite. If your date is much into Italian food, then a trip to SWC is highly encouraged. Salt Water Cafe is a place which can provide you everything for your first date, so this will be a date you will not forget easily.


If you are in for an expensive option for a date, then we offer you Dakshin at The Sheraton. Dakshin is an exquisite outlet that unifies the cuisines from South Indian states, namely Tamil Nadu, Kerela, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The decor is extremely beautiful and Dakshin’s menu is full with tons of choices and they are surely a place where you can relish all the flavors of South Indian cuisine. This fine dining experience at Dakshin will cost you around 4500 bucks.


Gaylord Cafe is literally in every list. The saying Old is Gold indeed fits to this place only. One of the oldest giants in the dining scene of Mumbai, Gaylord has gained respect of customers on the basis of its amazing and consistent performance. The menu is full with delicacies from Indian and Continental cuisine. Apart from a beautiful indoor seating, they have a refreshing Courtyard seating as well. Our bet is placed on Gaylord if you are in search of a slightly economical place.

Oven Fresh

And if you are fed up of visiting all the big cafes, then we give you this cute little place named Oven Fresh. Take your loved one here for some vegetarian delights and you will never be disappointed. They have some really amazing, freshly baked stuffs as well as some amazing pastas and pizzas to make you day a much better one. Their gourmet pizzas are a must try and order them to make a better impression on your date & you will never fail.


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