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Computer Full Form – Meaning, Component, Definition

The full form of Computer is Common Operating Machine. As the computer full form already explains, it is an operating system that is used for various technical and educational purpose. The computer has become an integral component of our daily lives. In addition, their use has skyrocketed in the recent decade. In today’s world, computers are used in every office, whether private or public. Humans have been utilising computers for many decades. They are also employed in a variety of industries such as agriculture, design, industrial manufacturing, defence, and many more. They have, above all, altered the entire planet. 

Humans have always invented the most cutting-edge technology to meet their requirements. Today’s mankind desires purity while saving time and effort. He also wants machines to solve incredibly complex tasks. As a result of growing human demand, the ‘computer’ was invented. In today’s world, working with computer systems is the norm in every industry. Any city can make a reservation for a bus, train, or aeroplane from a computer. Computers for banks have shown to be extremely beneficial. A month’s balance sheet can be generated in only a few hours with the use of a computer. The computer’s popularity is growing by the day. A computer is a man-made device that does computations. It can address human problems ranging from the mathematically subtle to the demanding and complex. Additional Info Also Check CEO Full Form

History of Computers

It’s quite difficult to pinpoint where computers came from. Some scientists, however, believe that computers existed throughout World War II. During that period, they were also used for data storage. It was, however, just for government use, not for the general public. First and foremost, the computer was a massive and hefty equipment.

Computers and its Components

The main components of a computer are CPU, display, mouse, and keyboard. Several other components incluse laser pen, printer, scanner etc.,. It can also be connected to a variety of different computer components.

There are many various sorts of computers, such as supercomputers, mainframes, personal computers, PDAs, laptops, and so on.

Working of Computers

The computer follows a three-step process, which includes input, processing, and output., The work that the CPU does is called processing, The data that we enter into the computer is called input and the result that the computer produces is called output. This cycle is also followed by the computer in every process it is requested to perform. This is how the procedure can be stated in simple terms.

Use of Computer in Various Fields

As the use of computers exapnded, practically every field found it necessary to use computers for their requirements. They’ve also made working and organising things a lot easier. Some of the most essential fields that use a computer in their daily operations are listed below:-

  • Research:-

Computers assist in all types of research, including scientific research, space research, and social research. We can also keep an eye on the environment, space, and society because of them. We were able to explore the galaxies thanks to space research. While scientific research has aided humanity in the discovery of resources and other important resources on the planet.

  • Medical Field:-

Computers are used to detect ailments, execute tests, and discover cures for dangerous diseases. Computers have also enabled them to discover cures for a variety of ailments. Additional Info Also Check OTT Full Form

  • Defense:-

For the protection and security of its citizens, any country’s defence is paramount. In this arena, computers also assist the country’s security authorities in detecting a threat that could be damaging in the future. The defence sector, in particular, use them to maintain tabs on our adversary.

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Last modified: May 6, 2022